Do you provide PREMIUM customer service in person and over the phone, but can’t figure out how to do it online? Is your customer service a point of differentiation for your business, yet your website functions just like all the others?

CrozTop enables you to staff your website with your sales and customer agents so you can:

  • Talk to them directly through the website without switching to a phone
  • Use cross-interactive tools to sell and support such as…
  • …instant quoting, contract signing, questionnaires, whiteboarding, and more
  • Stop using phone numbers, faxes, emails, and conference sites–just market and tend to your website!

This immediate and multi-media gratification of your customers will leave them WOWED! They’ve never experienced this before and will want to share it with others–that’s the WOW-Factor.

Be different, be productive, be powerful, with CrozTop!

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