High-touch industries such as B2B software, real estate, and telecommunications, that require the engagement of an agent to sell and/ or service their products and services have been largely left behind by ecommerce technology, while low-touch industries such as books, apparel, electronics, and others thrive with continually evolving technologies.

Yet customers today are increasingly demanding that their commercial needs be met online as they look for faster and easier ways to shop for products and services. Global retail ecommerce grew at an astonishing rate of 24.6% in 2016 and took up 8.7% of the total retail market. Every day we find more examples of companies such as Amazon and EBay displacing traditional or brick-and-mortar counterparts as these counterparts are forced to retrench or restructure.

This White Paper explains how High-Touch companies can use PointerTop to engage their leads and customers online to meet that growing demand for online service. Contact us today to get your free copy over e-mail.

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