The PointerTop team would like to welcome you to a new technology and a new way of servicing your customers—an altogether new way of doing business! Although PointerTop’s High-Touch eCommerce platform is especially designed for companies with high-touch products and services, we estimate that eventually most companies with an online presence will join the PointerTop wave and use our multi-media platforms in various ways.

PointerTop’s patent-pending Hihh-Touch eCommerce platforms can help you sell to customers online; educate customers; train employees; provide customer support; and provide consulting services. We will help you customize your PointerTop interface to match your company processes, products, services, scripts, and protocols, so that your customer interaction is high-quality and consistent from customer representative to customer representative.

PointerTop is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is here to help you improve your productivity and effectiveness by moving your high-touch operations online. Would you like to find out more? Go to our Contact section and get in touch with us right now!

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